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MADRE TERESA DE CALCUTA, englsh.bb.8.8.22

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Mother Teresa told how once a man had visited the House for the Dying without saying a word. He passed between the rows of sick people and, as he was leaving, he said to a sister: I did not believe in God, but now I believe that God exists, because only a God can make the sisters give so much joy and so much love in this environment. .


Lush Gjergji stated: Mother Teresa in 1986 told me: “The House of the Pure Heart is for many purgatory, the passage to the House of the Father. So far more than 60,000 men and women have passed. Nearly 30,000 have died peacefully there and others have been cured. Here is a typical example: one day I found a man in a sewer; his whole body was a great sore. The mice had half eaten it. I took him to our home for the dying. Do you know what that man told me? He told me: “I have lived all these years as an animal, now I die as an angel”. I will never be able to forget his words, but above all, his calm and smiling face. Three hours later he died, truly like an angel
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