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Jesus speaks to Saint Faustina Kowalska.7a,English,28.11.22

Jesus speaks to Saint Faustina Kowalsk.


While he was writing the above words, I saw Lord Je3sus bending over me, and he asked me: My daughter, what are you writing? I answered: I write about You, O Jesus, about Your hidden presence in the Blessed Sacrament, about Your inconceivable love and Your mercy towards men. And Jesus told me: Secretary of My deepest mystery, you must know that you are in exclusive confidence with Me; your mission is to write everything that I let you know about My mercy for the benefit of those who, reading (67) these writings, will find consolation in their souls and will acquire the courage to approach Me. So, I want you to dedicate all your free moments to writing. Oh Lord, will I always have at least a brief moment to write something down? And Jesus answered me: It is not your thing to think about this, do only what you can; I will always arrange the circumstances in such a way that you easily fulfill what I demand.

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