Flora Cantábrica

Matias Mayor






The Pope wrote in his Testament: I ask forgiveness of those who have

unconsciously offended all those whom I have not edified. I think I have nothing

to forgive anyone, because in all those who have known me and have been related

with me—offended me, or despised, or held me justly, so

others, in less esteem, or were for me a reason for affliction—I do not find

more than brothers and benefactors, to whom I am grateful, for whom I pray

and i will always pray


Born poor, but from an honest and humble family, I am particularly

happy to die poor, having distributed according to the various demands of

simple and modest life, at the service of the poor and of the Holy Church that has

fed, as much as I have had in my hands —little thing on the other hand—

during the years of my priesthood and episcopate. apparent opulence

often hid hidden thorns of painful poverty and I

They prevented me from always giving generously what I would have wanted. I give thanks to

God for this grace of poverty to which I vowed in my youth, as

priest of the Sacred Heart, poverty of spirit and real poverty, that

it helped to never ask for anything: neither positions nor money, nor favors; never, not even for me nor for my relatives or friends.


not received any material wealth—I can leave no more than a large and

very special blessing, with the invitation to remain in fear of

God who always made her so dear and loved to me, although simple and modest, without never be ashamed of her and that is her true title of nobility.

The kindness that my poor person received from everyone with whom I

that I found on my way, has made my life peaceful. I remember well before

death to each and every one, to those who have preceded me in the last step, to

those who will survive me and who will follow me. Pray for me. I’ll make it up to you

in purgatory or in paradise, where I hope to be heard, I repeat it once

more, not because of my merits, but because of the mercy of my Lord


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