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Saint Augustine of Hippona.MESSAGE TO THE MEN OF TODAY-11,2.22



Saint Augustine of Hippona.






Augustine, after feeling cheated by the Manichaeans, when the greatManichaean master Fausto did not know how to answer his questions, he began to think that the Academics, who were skeptical and said that no one can know the true, they were right. He mistrusted that one day he would come to know the truth and enjoy of authentic happiness, because he was materialistic in his ideas.


Here is a clear message for the men of our time who seek

honestly the truth. If you are materialistic and believe that only the material exists,

they are in a very serious error that will prevent them from reaching the truth. to get to her,Augustine had to get rid of his materialistic ideas and believe that the spirit and conceive of God, not as something corporeal, as the Manichaeans said,

but as a spiritual being.


He would tell so many atheists and materialists that there is more than meets the eye

naked eye. Don’t be fooled by appearances. that God is more

greater than his own thoughts, that no one can encompass his infinity with

his tiny human mind. Open your minds to the realities of the spirit

and do not be discouraged from finding the truth. Don’t be skeptical. To follow

searching. In a letter he said: It seems to me that men must be led to

the hope of finding the truth 360 . Let us search more diligently

instead of losing hope (Conf. 6, 11

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