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Matias Mayor

Faustina Kowalsa.English 24,12,21.

Faustina Kowalsa


Today Jesus came to the door in the guise of a poor young man. A gaunt young man in rags, barefoot and bare-headed, was stunned with cold because it was a cold, rainy day.


  He asked for something to eat hot. But when I went to the kitchen I didn’t find anything for the poor; However, after looking for a while, I found some soup that I heated up and put some crumbled bread. I gave it to the poor man who ate it. The moment I took the glass from him, he let me know that he was the Lord of heaven and earth.


  As soon as I saw him as he is, he disappeared from my eyes. (55) When I entered the house thinking about what had happened at the door, I heard these words in my soul: My daughter, the blessings of the poor have reached My ears who, leaving the door, bless Me and I have been pleased with this Your mercy within the limits of obedience and that is why I have come down from the throne to taste the fruit of your mercy.


Oh my Jesus, it is now clear to me and I have understood everything that has happened just now. I sensed something asking myself, what kind of poor man is this of whom so much modesty shows? Since that moment my heart has been lit with an even purer love for the poor and the needy.



Oh, how glad I am that the Superiors have assigned me this task…. I understand that mercy is varied, that good can be done at all times and in all places and at all times. The ardent love of God incessantly sees the need to give himself to others with action, word and prayer. Now I understand (56), Lord, Your words that You have told me before.


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