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You will never feed on earth. «Alexandrina María da Costa,9.12,21

You will never feed on earth. «


Alexandrina María da Costa lived, from March 27, 1942, more than thirteen years in fasting and anuria


The news spreads


The weeks passed, and intimate people, seeing her return to her activities, without the help of any food or drink, as if she were a spirit without bodily needs, were amazed, filled with questions and assumptions, had tried to hide the extraordinary phenomenon, but it had spread through the family news, which was transmitted confidentially to those who were informed about the patient, so esteemed by all


  Summary of his autobiography


  «At two thirty in the afternoon, five men entered the room, I immediately had the presentiment that one of them was a doctor; they began to question me


I answered firmly because the truth has only one way; When they asked me about eating (Oh what hurts, if only no one knew!), they asked me: «But is it true that he does not eat anything? Nothing!»

I answered firmly because the truth has only one way; When they asked me about eating (Oh what hurts, if only no one knew!), they asked me: «But is it true that he does not eat anything? Nothing!»


«And why don’t you eat?»


–I don’t eat, because I can’t, it fills me up, I don’t need to eat, but I feel nostalgic for food


July 10 arrived, when everything was ready for my departure to Foz


All the vigilant ladies complied well with the doctor’s orders, because they did not abandon me for a moment, the door of my room only opened to give way to the doctors and nurses. The new transformation that took place in me, neither the doctor nor the nurses wanted to convince each other that it was possible for me to live without food



In the conversations and interrogations that he gave me several times, the doctor used all possible means to convince me to feed myself and make me feel that I should not do it like that, because God did not like it; even because of scruples she wanted to lead me, the nurse tempted me many times from the side of my heart.


My mother came to visit me on the 16th and 30th, I missed her so much!

The doubts of a doctor


One of the guards reported the case to a new doctor, who, not knowing about the case, raised new doubts. That doctor thought that the guards were being deceived and said that he would only certify by sending nurses he trusted.



Dr. Araújo, indignant at not accrediting the rigor of the observation made by him, demanded that a person of his trust be sent then and sent his sister. When we thought we would see our pain softened, we were asked for a new test, more painful and sad, Dr. Araújo tried to convince us that it was convenient to spend ten more days


The doctor’s story



The scientific rigor with which the Alejandrina fast was examined, for forty days and forty nights, is stated in the report presented by Dr. Gomes de Araújo, from the Royal Academy of Medicine of Madrid, specialist in nervous and arthritic ailments, under the title: «A remarkable case of abstinence and anuria»

There these decisive words are read: «It is entirely true for us that, during the forty days of hospitalization, this patient did not eat or drink, urinate or defecate, and this circumstance leads us to believe that such phenomena come from earlier times, we cannot doubt it. Thirteen years ago, as we are informed? We do not know. «

And Dr. Araújo ends by stating that in this strange case, there are details of «that his fundamental abstinence is of a biological order, so much duration of abstinence from liquid and anuria leaves us suspended, waiting for some explanation to come true.»


The certificate signed by Dr. Dias de Azevedo and Dr. Carlos Alberto de Lima says:


We also testify that having been hospitalized from June 10 to July 20, 1943, in the Infantile Paralysis Refuge, which is in Foz do Douro, under the direction of Dr. Gomes de Araújo and under daytime surveillance and at night, by trustworthy people eager to inquire the truth, it was found that his abstinence from solids and liquids was absolute during his hospitalization, keeping his weight, temperature, respiration, tensions, pulse, blood and sensibly normal, constant and lucid mental faculties and not having during those forty days, no stool evacuation or minimal urine excretion


The blood test collected three weeks after her hospitalization, was tested and looks normal, so science cannot explain it, considering the truths of physiology and biochemistry, the survival of this patient is not explained due to abstinence. absolute, during the forty days of the internment, it should be noted that the patient, during that time, answered many questions daily and held many conversations, showing the best disposition and the best lucidity of spirit. Regarding the phenomena observed on Fridays at 5:00 p.m.,



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