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The life of Saint Bernardita is the story of a poor and simple girl. He was fourteen years old and looked like twelve. She was not physically well developed. I had asthma. He could not read, write, or speak French. He spoke only the language of the region: patois. He barely knew the lord’s prayer, the hail mary and the creed; and he did not know the catechism nor had he yet made the first communion. However, God chose her to be Mary’s messenger and to tell the world that She was the Immaculate, solemnly declared so by the Pope four years earlier. 


The Virgin Mary appeared to him 18 times from February 11 to July 16, 1858. From the apparitions, his life changed substantially. First because a lot of people wanted to see her and talk to her. Second because she wanted to be religious. She was received in the hospice of Lourdes as a student and then, in 1866, she entered definitively as a religious of the sisters who governed the hospice: Sisters of Charity..

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