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Matias Mayor

Archivo del 20 noviembre, 2022

Jesus speaks to Saint Faustina Kowalska.


My daughter, I want to instruct you on the spiritual struggle. Never trust yourself, but abandon yourself totally to My will. In abandonment, in darkness and in different doubts, turn to Me and to your spiritual director, he will always answer you in My name. Do not start arguing with any temptation, shut yourself up immediately in My Heart and at the first opportunity, reveal it to the confessor. Put self-love last so it doesn’t contaminate your actions. Bear yourself with great patience. Do not neglect interior mortifications. Always justify within yourself the opinion of the Superiors and of the confessor. Stay away from backbiters like the plague. (120) Let everyone behave as they wish, you behave as I require of you. Observe the rule with maximum fidelity. After suffering an upset, think about what good thing you could do for the person who has made you suffer. Avoid dissipation. Shut up when they admonish you; do not ask everyone’s opinion but your spiritual director; with him be sincere and simple as a girl. Do not be discouraged by ingratitude; do not examine with curiosity the paths by which I lead you. When boredom and discouragement call your heart, flee from yourself and hide in My Heart. Do not be afraid of the fight often the only courage frightens the temptations, and they do not dare to attack us. Always fight with this deep conviction that I am by your side. Do not let yourself be guided by feeling, because it is not always in your power, all the merit is in the will. He always depends on the Superiors in the smallest things. I am not deluding you with peace (121) and consolations, but prepare yourself for great battles. You have to know that now you are on a stage where the earth and all the sky are watching you, fight like a warrior so that I can grant you the prize; Don’t be too scared, because you are not alone.

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