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Phrases of Saint Therese,Englsh.18.5,22

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Phrases of Saint Therese


For me, prayer is an impulse of the heart, a simple look towards heaven, a cry of gratitude and love, both in the midst of suffering and in the midst of joy. In a word, it is something great, something supernatural that dilates my soul and unites me with JESUS.»


«I don’t have the courage to look for beautiful prayers in books; not knowing which ones to choose, I react like children; I simply tell the good Lord what I need, and He always understands me.»


«What drives me to go to Heaven is the thought of being able to ignite in love for God a multitude of souls who will praise him eternally.»


«My path is the path of a spiritual childhood, the path of trust and absolute surrender.»


I too would like to find an elevator to rise to Jesus, because I am too small to climb the hard ladder of perfection.»


«In the laundry room my co-worker shook the clothes with such force that soap splashed on my face. This made me suffer, but I never said anything about it to her, and so she offered this small sacrifice for sinners.»


«I never advise anyone without having entrusted myself to the Most Holy Virgin. She is the one who makes the words I say effective in those who listen to them

Life is an instant between two eternities.»


«How great is the power of prayer! She would say that she is a queen who at all times has direct access to the king and can get everything he asks of her.»


«The Blessed Virgin shows me that she never ceases to protect me. As soon as I invoke her, whether any concern arises, a rush, I immediately turn to her, and she always takes care of my interests like the most tender of Mothers.»


«It is well known that the Blessed Virgin is the Queen of Heaven and Earth, but she is more Mother than Queen.»


«Oh Mary! If I were the Queen of Heaven and You were Teresa, I would want to be Teresa so that You would be the Queen of Heaven.»


«After my death, I will make a shower of roses fall.»

will spend my heaven doing good on earth.»


«I do not die, I enter life.»

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