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A story comes to mind, that of old Jim. Every day at 12 noon, Jim would enter the church for no more than two minutes and then leave. The sexton, who was very curious, one day stopped Jim and asked him:

– What do you come to every day?

– I come to pray

– Impossible! What sentence can you say in two minutes?

– I am an ignorant old man, I pray to God in my own way.

– But what are you saying?

– I say: Jesus, here I am, I’m Jim. And I go.

Years passed. Jim, getting older and sick, entered the hospital, in the poor section. When it seemed that Jim was going to die, the priest and the religious nurse were near his bed.

Jim, tell us why since you entered this section everything has improved and people have become more content, happy and friendly?


– I do not know. When I can walk, I go everywhere visiting everyone, I greet them, I talk a little; when I’m in bed I call everyone, make everyone laugh and make everyone happy. They are always happy with Jim.


– And you, why are you happy?


– When you receive a visit every day, aren’t you happy?

– Of course. But who comes to visit you? We have never seen anyone.

– When I entered this section I asked you for two chairs: one for you, and another reserved for my guest, don’t you see?

– Who is your guest?


– It’s Jesus. Before I went to church to visit him now I can’t do it anymore; then at 12, Jesus comes.

– And what does Jesus tell you?

– It says: Jim, here I am, I am Jesus! …


Before he died we saw him smile and wave his hand towards the chair near his bed, inviting someone to sit down … he smiled again and closed his eyes.

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